AXIOM Beta Image Sensors

AXIOM Beta Sensor Board
Pictured: AXIOM Beta CMV12000 ZIF Sensor Board.

Bringing you the ability to swap and upgrade sensors as and when you're ready to do so.

When we crowdfunded early research and development of the AXIOM Beta we ran polls asking the community what sensor they would like to see being used for these purposes. Approximately 90% voted for the ams Sensor Belgium CMV12000. This is a very competitive, high performance sensor that comes in three pin compatible flavours: Color, Monochrome and NIR (Near Infrared enhanced Monochrome). The camera will incorporate other sensors e.g. development around the CMV2000 is nearly complete, but the following information will focus on the CMV12000.

Image Sensor Tech Specs

SensorOn-Semi (Kodak) KAC12040Cmosis CMV12000Cmosis CMV2000
StatusModule in developmentModule development completeModule in development
Size4/3"Super 35 / APS-C2/3" / 16mm
Resolution4000 x 30004096 x 30722048 x 1088
Aspect-Ratio16:9 / 4:3 anamorphic supported16:9 / 4:3 anamorphic supported16:9
Color Filter ArrayBayer Pattern / MonochromeBayer Pattern / MonochromeBayer Pattern / Monochrome
ShutterRolling / GlobalGlobalGlobal
Pixel Size4.7 x 4.7µm5.5 x 5.5µm5.5 x 5.5µm
FramerateUp to 75 (8bit), 70 (10bit) FPS at Full ResolutionUp to 300 (10 bit), 132 (12 bit) FPS at Full ResolutionUp to 340 fps (10 bit), 70 fps (12 bit)
Bitdepth8/10/12/14 Bit8/10/12 Bit8/10/12 Bit
Dynamic Range12 F-stops (Rolling Shutter) / 9.5 F-stops (Global Shutter)up to 15 F-stops (pseudo logarithmic response curve) / 10 F-stops (linear response curve)up to 15 F-stops (pseudo logarithmic response curve) / 10 F-stops (linear response curve)

Please note that the AXIOM Beta hardware/software currently cannot utilize the full framerate of the CMV12000.


comparison of super35 and image sensor size

Snapshot captured with AXIOM Alpha prototype equipped with CMOSIS CMV12000:

AXIOM Beta 4K Image
Download 4K raw image (Photographer: Rainer Ressmann, processed by A1ex from Magic Lantern)