apertus° association

The apertus° association ("apertus° - Association supporting open and free audiovisual media and technology") is an officially registered government approved non-profit organization that is fully owned and run by the apertus° community. It's organization is fully democratic and 100% transparent, not just because we want it to be that way but also because the law requires it. Over the years the apertus° project became much more than just a hardware/software initiative. It is a burgeoning platform for film-makers, creative industry professionals, artists and enthusiasts. apertus° is a community movement, a forum of knowledge and an ecosystem of people supporting each other via their advocation of freedom. With the apertus° asociation this movement now has the security and backing of proven legal entity. It guarantees openness, safety, transparency and is an assurance for the future of the project.

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apertus° company

We are at a turning point in the history of apertus° at the moment. With our efforts to build our first independent hardware product: Axiom we need to transition from a community-only project to professional company-plus-community project. We want to maintain our dedication to openness, fairness and freedom but we also face having to carefully consider certain aspects now that we enter the commercial world. If we want the efforts to last (and we wholeheartedly do) the apertus° company is required to make profits longterm.

apertus° company long term goals:

  • Hire staff to guarantee completion of development/manufacturing within schedule
  • Offer international sales & warranty to customers long term
  • Provide a long term upgrade path for our products
  • Provide professional customer support
  • Increase production volume to reduce unit retail prices
  • Stock up on cameras to reduce lead time for customers
  • Finance future development efforts
  • Handle returns, repairs and replacements
  • Provide training and consulting services

apertus° Core Team

Oscar Spierenburg

apertus° association Vice Chairman
apertus° company CEO

Oscar (31 years) lives in Antwerp, Belgium and is not only a successful painter owning several art galleries but also an aspiring film director. His debut film "The Spring of Cesar" was loved by press and critiques who awarded the film "one of the best flandern films of 2011" Oscar's efforts and dedication to trying new things lead him to founding the apertus° project in 2006. He is currently working on his first feature film which will be shot with apertus° Axiom.

Sebastian Pichelhofer

apertus° association Chairman
apertus° Axiom Lead Product Manager

Sebastian (27 years) lives in Vienna, Austria and has spent the last four years working on apertus° in almost every free minute. Without his incredible dedication the apertus° project would not be were it is today. Sebastian studied electronic engineering and software development but actually worked in the post-production department of a documentary film production before he got his current job in the multimedia department of a university.

Konstantin Kim

apertus° Axiom Lead Tech Designer

Konstantin (35 years) is married, has a 9 year old daughter, a newborn son and is living in Geneva, Switzerland.
Konstantin received his PhD with honor from the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2004 and has more than 15 years of experience working in R&D of electronic equipment in the areas of embedded electronic devices, optical devices, data storage devices, telecommunication equipment, etc. where he completed many different projects already like developing equipment for the International Space Station or building swiss watch manufacturing robots.

Philippe Jadin

apertus° Axiom Website and Communication

Philippe Jadin (33 years) lives in Brussels, Belgium. Studied video and visual art. Works for a prevention program helping families and kids avoid violence. Part-time DOP and multimedia plumber.


Dynamic Perception: Jay Burlage & Chris Church

Jay 'Milapse' Burlage and Chris 'Shutterdrone' Church are the pioneers of HDR time-lapse and affordable motion control (The Open-Source Photographic Motion-Control Community) and formed a company together named Dynamic Perception that develops and sells open source motion control equipment. apertus° and Dynamic Perception teamed up to design Axiom with integrated motion control capabilities in mind. To allow seamless transitions from high speed to time lapse recording and giving Axiom the chance to talk to other motion control equipment and interact with it through the motion control interface standard of tomorrow: MoCoBus.